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"I will start off by saying that I am extremely picky when it comes to doctors.... Rachel is AMAZING! She was helpful from the first conversation I had with her (even before being seen in her office). I went to Rachel after having lower back pain for over 2 months. I had been seen by a chiropractor and was then referred to a pain management doctor and nothing was alleviating the pain I had. Rachel asked me a lot of questions to understand the history of my back problem (I have 2 herniated discs). As this was my first time with acupuncture I had some anxiety about it. She talked me through everything she was doing and was very attentive to how I was feeling. After ONE treatment with her my pain subsided TREMENDOUSLY! After my second treatment I had NO PAIN! She has also treated me for stress and anxiety...She is a genius in what she does!! She has also provided me with a plan towards a healthier lifestyle. I can't express enough how wonderful this doctor is. Not only is she brilliant in this field, her disposition is wonderful to be around! I highly recommend being treated by her." —J.C.

"Respectful. Efficient. Warm. I went to Rachel after seeing 5+ doctors for neck pain. I have always been either underwhelmed by acupuncture at community spaces OR overwhelmed by intense/painful experiences in Chinatown. But, Rachel made me a believer! She explained everything she was doing, addressed my issue from multiple perspectives (nerves, muscles, bones), incorporated many techniques based on my needs, and even took time to help me sort through all the conflicting advice from the doctors!"

"Before coming to Rachel at Seven Seas Acupuncture I had tried acupuncture with other practitioners, but never saw results. I came to Rachel about two years ago because of irregularities with my menstrual cycle and within 3 sessions that I had over 2 1/2 weeks, I had a regular cycle with less PMS than before! Given, the immediate results, I decided to see Rachel regularly. When my husband and I decided to try and have a baby, Rachel worked on my fertility and I got pregnant the very first month we tried. During my pregnancy she would feel my pulse at the beginning of a session and ask me if I was having heart burn or sciatica pain before I had a chance to tell her that I was!  Since I began seeing Rachel regularly  I have noticed increased energy, significantly fewer migraines, and overall increased sense of well-being. I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and Rachel has helped put me into endoscopic remission. I can't say enough about Rachel's skill set. She is professional, empathetic, compassionate and her expertise in unparalleled." —E.L.

"I've been seeing Rachel for over 2 years. From the beginning, she has been attentive, thoughtful, warm, caring and committed to me as a client. She always takes the time to listen to me and has gone above and beyond numerous times, offering personalized care that is hard to find these days. She clearly loves what she does & cares deeply about her clients. She has been an invaluable source of support for me & has helped me tremendously both physically and emotionally. Thank you Rachel!"

I've been seeing Rachel for years now, and this review is long overdue. Rachel is an incredibly compassionate and intuitive practitioner who has helped me in countless ways over the years. I especially appreciate her openness, complete absence of judgment, and her overall presence as a caring and healing practitioner.  She has been my go-to acupuncturist in times of need over the years, and I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough! —A.G.